Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Running Year in Review

2013 Year in Review: 3,456.8 mi in 9:36 pace. I estimate that this many miles equates to almost 100 lbs of snacks consumed since I didn't lose a pound. I completed two full years of streaking averaging 9.5 miles a day now since 12/28/2011. I wanted to beat my mileage from last year and I did so by 0.6 miles. Last year I ran 3456.2 but at a slower 10:00 average pace.

I finally broke 20:00 for the 5k (I need to find my fast twitch), I PR'd in most race distances I ran. My best race was most likely my 7:41 50 Mile run at Lake Waramaug. I had a good 6 hour run for 41.48 miles, a 4:03 50k at Caumsett and a 1:31 half. I got my ass kicked in Albany in -2 degrees and 40 mile winds, but I held it together at LBI running 18 miles in 2:12 in a 20 mile an hour head wind with 35 mile gust the whole point-to-point way. 

I learned a lot about depletion training.  Mostly that I need to learn a lot more.

I ran 9 miles up a mountain from abt 6400ft to over 10500ft elevation in NM with my husband Sidney to celebrate my 8 years of being cancer free anniversary.  He did not kill me when we got to the top. James Plant was there too. He did curse at me as he finished. 

I placed 7th at the National Championships at both the 50 km and the 50 Mile. I won a few ultras along the way and placed 3rd OA woman in the shorter race distance USATF-NJ Grand Prix year long road race series.

I wanted to focus on shorter ultras in 2013 because I got sick of puking in 2012. I believe I managed to not vomit all year long! Hopefully I have marinated and adapted enough from high mileage running to look into a return to longer races in the year to come.

I coached a lot of amazing people to their own PR's from all over the country, including a few different groups for good causes, like all my TNT runners, my Cancer to 5k group, and my Veteran's Running Group.

Alanna Garrison-Kast was even somehow able to make me get up before 5 am to meet her places for crazy long runs in the woods. Thank you for that. I don't think I fell down as much as I have done in the past.  But when I did, I made it count.

Now to do it all over again but hopefully a little better in 2014!

All my 41 race reports are linked here:

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  1. You are one amazing lady! And one amazing runner! Keep inspiring us mere mortals Shannon!! You ROCK!