FAQ About Online and In-Person Coaching Services


How does Online Coaching work? 
- A free consultation is required to gather information about your history, fitness, and goals.
- A personalized training plan is developed that fits your needs.
- Your training plan is provided to you via a free online training log.
- Your frequent feedback is required to allow for personalized adjustments to your plan.
Additional  In-person coaching may be purchased to supplement the online training plan.

Online Coaching for Health and Wellness: What if I don't want to race?
- Some runners are just not interested in racing, but still want to run strong and stay healthy.  
- All runners need to learn about injury prevention, basic running nutrition, over-use issues, etc... 
- Running combats obesity and helps manage many other physical ailments. 
- Running reduces anxiety, depression, assists with ADHD symptoms, and more.
- I provide online plans and support for anyone interested in running for health and wellness.  
-Additional In-Person Training may be purchased to supplement online training plan.

In-Person Training Runs: What if I don't need an online training plan.
- Some runners have a plan, but just need motivating company and have questions during the run.
- In-Person Training may be requested without an accompanying training plan.
- Coaching for In-Person Training only will be limited to concerns that arise and can be addressed during the duration of the training session.
- Some email advice and guidance may be provided free of charge, at coaches discretion.
Additional Online Coaching or Training Consultations may be purchased to supplement In-Person Training.

Training Consultations: How is this different from Online Coaching?
- For runners who already possess the skills and understanding necessary to develop their own training plan, but will benefit from hiring a coach to review their plans, assess their needs, and provide guidance and advice (i.e. training paces, injury prevention/management, gear questions, race day nutrition, hydration and pacing strategy, etc)

- Runners must be able to provide plans and past log (or general outline of training ideas) via email to facilitate bi-monthly review.
- Runners can request review of their entire training plan (i.e. 20 week plan) during initial month.
- Every two (2) weeks past training log/history is reviewed to take a look at what was accomplished in the two weeks prior and how your past training accomplishments should impact and guide the training plans for the next two weeks and into the future.
- In between comprehensive reviews and advice, questions or concerns about training can be sent via email to be answered within 72 hours or sooner.
Cost Saving Perk: An entire planned training cycle can be reviewed during one month's Training Consultation.

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