Thursday, December 19, 2013

Coaching Gift Certificates Available.

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If you would like to purchase a Gift Certificate for Coaching Services, I am now offering limited services, listed below, to be purchased as a Gift for another.

Please send an email to to make a request and for further instructions.
Please allow 72 hours for issuance of Gift Certificates via Email after Payment has been received and processed.  Payment can be made via Paypal, check, or money order. Certificates are not activated until payment has been processed. Training plans will not be created until after payment has been made in full.

Current Rates for Services listed below are available here

Services Available for Gift Purchases:
(1) Training Consultations - for the self-coached runner who write their own training plans but would like personalized professional feedback and guidance. After an assessment of their own training ideas, past log, and future goals is made, feedback and recommendations are made on a bi-monthly basis. Access to coaching advice and guidance as needed is available via email throughout each week as questions arise.  

(2) Personalized Full Length Training Plan -  After an assessment of past training history, current fitness level, and a discussion about realist goals, a personalized training plan will be written specifically for you. 
- Training Plans for Marathons and Ultramarathons will average 18-20 weeks in length, maximum.
-Marathon and Ultramarathon training plans may require you to have some base of training established prior to requesting a plan, depending upon your goal.
- Half marathons and shorter races will average 12-15 weeks in length, maximum. 
- The length of the training plan is determined at the coach's discretion, the amount of time until your race, the amount of mileage you are training at prior to requesting the plan. In some cases, coaches may be unable to write a training plan if there is insufficient time to create a safe and effective training plan to meet a runners goal. 
- From the start date of your plan, two (2) weeks of email follow up is included in order to address any necessary adjustments or to provide clarification about any issues related to training plan materials.  Questions are limited to those relevant to understanding the training plan. This service does not include Online Coaching. 
-  If more substantial guidance or coaching is required, Training Plan Consultations can per purchased one month at a time or Online Coaching can be provided for an entire training cycle. 
-  Please note, as a guide the ideal time to contact me for an assessment is 25 weeks prior to your goal marathon.  Allow more time for an ultras and less time for shorter races. 

Issuance: Please allow 72 hours from time payment is processed for Certificates to be sent via email.

Payment: Payment can be made via Paypal, check or money order.  However, certificates are not activated until payment has been processed and therefore training plans will not be released until after payment has been made in full.

Expiration:  One year from date on Certificate

Refunds:  All Gift Certificates are refundable, minus a $25 processing fee, for up to 30 days after the date the Certificate email was sent by Creating Momentum (as indicated by the date on the certificate).  Beyond 30 days from the date of Certificate, no refunds will be issued. 

Transferability: Gift Certificates for Training Plans and Training Consultations ARE Transferable to eligible individuals before the expiration date.

Balances: Gift Certificates can be purchased in a dollar amount (i.e. $150.00) but balances are not refundable.  Balances can be combined with other gift certificates or payment methods to purchase further training. 

Exclusion - Please note:  Online Coaching or In-Person Coaching Roster slots are not available for purchase by third parties as I required a assessment prior to accepting runners into those intensive programs.  However, if a client is deemed appropriate and accepted into those programs after an assessment is made, the recipient of the gift certificate may then apply the value of their gift certificate towards Online or In-Person Coaching. 

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