Sidney's Freedom Flights

When not coaching runners or working as a therapist, I am helping or supporting Sidney's efforts to transport dogs at risk of being put to sleep and/or dogs in need of transport to a better home.

 Sidney finds needy dogs through message boards like Pilots-n-Paws or other rescue sites, but he personally funds the rescue transports needed to bring the dogs home himself.  We are not wealthy people, but we try live below our means when possible in order to have the ability to pay for things that are very important to us, like dog rescue flights. 

I keep track of Sidney's trip in a group I named Sidney's Freedom Flights.   

Flight Reports:
6/2/13 First Flight Report Here

11/22/13 Penny Marshall and Princess Buttercup Freedom Flight Report

3/24/15  Bella's Flight to VT

Sidney's Freedom Flights is all about one man's mission to save dogs and/or other pets from death row.

Sidney has been able to successfully rescue dogs from kill shelters and transport them to safe havens in the northeast. Flights originate in New Jersey and will fly as far as we can afford to go.  Most trips are found listed on a message board provided by Pilots-N-Paws.

We make every effort to maximize the amount of dogs that we can rescue per trip, but it is not uncommon for a rescue flight to take place for one dog that has a home and simply needs a ride to avoid being put down. Trips occur based on (1) Sidney's physical and fiscal availability, (2) when dogs are located that have safe havens but need transport, (3) when the planes Sidney is checked out to fly are available, and (4) when weather is safe in all areas of the trip. We try to take about 4 trips each year. 

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