Saturday, March 26, 2011

TNT Training Run 18 miles w/ C.

Today I ran 18 miles with a runner who has never run that far before ever in his life. It is nice to witness someone accomplish something they are not 100% sure they can do.  We negative split our run and finished with a tremendous sense of pride!

He is training for the NJ Full marathon for Team in Training as a way to do something to help those with leukemia, like his little girl.  C. is amazing.  He is always in a good mood and has a great sense of humor, which is important when running with someone, side-by-side, stride-for-stride for just about 3 hours.  He also underestimates his ability to tolerate things that most people find very hard.  For example, he mentioned causally that he does his mid-week runs, buy jogging over to the high school track, running 40 laps then running home.  That is simply amazing.

I can honestly say that if not for C. being there, looking for someone to keep him focused or distracted, and on a reasonable pace (which today was about a 9:30 pace), I would have been unlikely to drag myself out into the cold for a 3 hour run.  However, I find running with people like C, tremendously inspiring and I know that as much as he thinks I am there to help him, he is also helping me in the same way.

Now off to run a few more miles with my dog, Enzo, so that he doesn't feel neglected.

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  1. Shannon, I loved reading your blog! What a life you have packed into your years-- a whole lot of good and a big handful of bad but all in all you are now ON TOP!! I'll keep reading!