Thursday, July 17, 2014

Woodbridge Run for Pizza 4 Mile, Woodbridge, NJ. 7/9/14

photo by Mike Mooney
This race wasn't really on my calendar, but two days before Martin texted me to ask if I was going.  Asking me if I am going to race is almost as good as compelling me to be there.  I decided that I had to go.  After all, it was about a mile away.

I had to train a client a few hours before the start and also ran with another runner in the morning.  The race would round my mileage out to 14 for the day which would make me happy.

It was hot and humid at 88 degrees, which is to be expected in July.  I almost decided to stay home because of this, but I really needed to race.  I have been sick for two weeks with a wicked chest cold.  I rarely ever get sick with colds, but someone carried some serious germs onto our unit and half the staff ended up very very sick, me included. I was worried about how this race would go for me considering the circumstances.

I told Sidney that Martin would be there and he decided he would go as well.  Martin then decides he can't make it. LOL. But then he shows up to get Joanne's packet, which some how now resides in my trunk! Sometime it is better to just not pay attention.

After a mile warm up, Iwant this race to hurry up and be over.  The gun goes off and I get a fast start off the line.  Soon one woman blasts past me and I try to stay close enough to her to get a sense of what she is doing.  She is moving very fast and I wonder if this will last.  She is pulling away from me by the half mile mark.  I can tell I am running too fast already and decided to let her go. I look at my watch and I am sub-6. I slow down.  Sub-6!  LOL

I am surprised that I don't feel horrible.  I just feel hot.  I am not as tired as I thought I would be. M1 6:25

I concede that unless the first chick blows up completely, she is going to win.  By around mile 2, a second female comes up to my side and slowly passes me.  I make this very easy for her, as I have slowed significantly. I am sitting right where I thought I should be at this point pace-wise and it is too soon for me to get back into a deficit.  I let her go and hope to stay in range by the time we crest the hill in the last mile. M2: 6:53

At this point, I am starting to fight to hold my pace and I feel the impact of the heat and the last two weeks "off".  Runners are spread out and there are enough turns that allow views of the course behind us and I can't see where the next female is.  I am glad that I have a shot at holding 3rd, but it is still to early to be sure. M3: 7:00

There is one hill to crest before a flat finish. I work hard to get my pace back down after slowing a lot on the incline. I manage to finish strong, inspired by cheering from Mike Mooney who took the photo above.  It is really motivating to hear your name when digging gets hard to do.  I was so glad to see that finish line.  It was especially nice to see Sidney and Martin cheering me in.  M4: 6:53

Last time I ran this race, I remember the awards taking a bit of time.  We got some pizza and I walked to the car to get some things to sit on.  As I got back, they had already started.  I mentioned to Sidney that they were doing awards now.  He was engrossed in conversation with Martin and Nuno.  They started with Overall Women, 3rd place first.  I was the first name called, got my plaque, sat back down and waited for Sidney and Martin to pause in their conversation, which happened promptly… giving Sidney a moment to notice my plaque and ask… "What's that? I missed it? When did that happen?" LOL!

Time 27:20
Place 3rd OA Female

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