Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Presidents Cup 5k

After running about 6.5 in the morning with Enzo, I decided to go to the President's Cup 5k.  It was a tough decision. I still feel a little weak and sluggish.  I texted Sidney from the parking lot whining that I am not so sure I am happy paying $30 to do something poorly.  

The weather was nice.   The course was fast.  The field was huge.  If anything I would get a little speed work in.  My best 5k of 2011 was 6:47 pace way back in February.  Since I haven't come near that time since, I am starting to question whether that course was short.  I did feel fast that day and I did push hard.  I also raced a great 50k the following week and only a few weeks later I started taking the medication that damaged my liver, so maybe I have just been struggling from that?  Or maybe the course was short?  Whatever the reason, I have NOT put in the work for a fast 5k, so I didn't expect one.

Well, I promised myself a few weeks ago that I would push the pace for as long as I could in these short runs.  Last 5k, I got to about 12 minutes before things got hard.  This time I got to about 14 minutes, but that put me just barely past the 2 mile mark, so I was happy.  Maybe next 5k, I can feel strong through 16? 

In mile 3, I felt the fatigue setting in.  My breathing was hard and this is where I saw Ross, a fellow asthma sufferer struggling.  I was able to catch him.  Ross is great because he responds so well to encouragement.... or maybe he will do whatever he can to not get beat by a girl... either way, whenever I see him hurting I feel his pain.   I always make point to try to get him to just stay with me.  He knows I have asthma to and I know he knows I understand.   In fact, he met me at mile 3 of a 10k about 3 years ago as he passed me while I wheezing and he asked if I was ok.  I huffed out "Asthma... " and from then on when he sees me in a race he will say "There's Asthma!"... Ross and I go back and forth in races, but for the most part he is a faster runner than me so I know something is wrong if I catch him.

The last two times this happened, Ross was able to let me pass him and then suddenly find the drive to get it together and blow past me.  I was happy for him, although I must admit I do try to stay with him hoping to be able to pass him by the end. :)   Last night that was not possible.

By the end of the race, I saw that clock was still reading 21... and knew if I kicked hard I could finish before  it changed to 22...  I finished in 21:58, 4th in AG, 40the female out of over 500 and 300th place of about 1345 runners.  This is only 6 seconds faster than my last run.  I am happy to see that 21, though even thought this is still about 1:30 slower than my best ever 5k. 

I still have a lot of work to do. 

The year is young.  :)

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