Friday, May 27, 2011

ACS 12 Hour Relay for Life: Kicking Cancer's A@# One Lap at a Time!

ACS 12 Hour Relay for Life

I will be celebrating being almost 6 years cancer free by running as far as I can through the middle of the night at the ACS Relay for life and I need company

If you can get to NJ on June 11th
... and you like to run, walk, camp, cheer
... and you like a good challenge (like staying up all night running around like a fool or counting how many laps the other idiots on your team are running)
... and you have an extra $10 and want to do something to fight cancer
... then please come join me for 12 hours of night time running/walking on June 11th from 7pm thru 7am in Sewaren NJ and lets Kick Cancer's A@# One Lap at a Time!

Why at night? Because Cancer Never Sleeps!

Why run the whole time? Because I can and so can you!

If you cant come to the run, please consider making a small donation to help me raise some money for a great cause.

Thank you for your support!

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