Saturday, April 23, 2011

Self Transcendence 6 and 10 day races

Enzo at his first mult-day race

Just after Start/Finish, Runner have units in a two long tents that line the course.

Enzo, Dave L.and I went to visit Ray at about 10 hours into his 6 day race.  He had logged about 46 miles by the time I left and was working on 47.   We were allowed to hang on the course and Enzo logged 4 miles at his first mult-day.  Not a bad start for my crazy little dog.

Ray's is prepping for another lap back in his unit.

This race is incredible. Runners from all over the world are here in Queens to run a 1 mile loop for 6-10 days straight.  They eat, sleep, walk, and run as desired.  The winner is the one who logs the most miles.  Runners in the 10 day were up to 255 miles by the time I left.   10 hours into the 6 day had the leader at 54.

Ray, me and Enzo.  I just LOVE this photo. 

I will be back tonight to cheer on Ray, one of the most inspiring amazing people in my life.   Go Ray, you are awesome!

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